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Jennifer is very skilled at engaging and supporting all her students in the learning process. She maintains a disciplined and friendly classroom which is creative and supportive of students. Her classroom is highly organized with students constantly being monitored for progress using frequent checks for understanding and expert modeling. She is able to meet the needs of both the high achievers and the students who need her extra attention.
--- Wayne Abruzzo (Principal of Valencia Valley Elementary) ---

Jennifer is a movivated teacher with a positive spirit who guides her students to be the best they can be. She has distinguished herself not only as a true professional, but also as a caring and compassionate teacher. When visiting Jennifer's classroom, it is clear that her consistently high expectations of her students help to create a supportive classroom environment where all students feel they are valued and strive to do their best. She consistently encourages others and puts her students first.
--- Eisenhower 4th Grade Teaching Team ---

As a teacher and individual, Jennifer excels at organization, seeing the big pictures, and selecting the best path to fulfill the individual needs of her students. She always speaks to her students with a tone of respect, regarding them as responsible young adults. She is a person of character and a model of a good citizen.
--- Eisenhower 1st Grade and Kindergarten Teaching Team ---

Jennifer's lessons are always on the cutting-edge as she integrates technology into the classroom in any way she can. She uses her student's natural curiosity and desire to please as a springboard for lessons that deliver the wide spectrum of instruction to engage even the most resistant learner. She effectively guides the students in leadership and service. It is a privilege to work with such an inspiring young woman.
--- Eisenhower 3rd Grade Teaching Team ---




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